Thursday, August 27, 2009

Breaking the Seal

So this is my first ever blog. Sweet! Right? This could be the start of something magical or just the toliet bowl my meandering miasma of a brain sprays its funk for all to bask in.

Eww, that above stuff was gross. What was I thinking? What do you care? Why should you care?
The answers to these and more questions will hopefully reveal themselves to me and any readers I might amass as the semester progresses. For now only pontifications of self-important thought will these blog posts. Like for instance, my description boasts that I may enlighten my readers about things that are mundane or extraordinary.

Let me take moment to spout out my long bubbling grudge with the word extraordinary. My beef with this adjective is that if something is ordinary but even more so than usual wouldn't one refer to it as extra ordinary? So what's the deal (wow, there's a Seinfeld moment for you) with the combination of these two words totally changing the meaning from more ordinary than usual to "exceptional to a very marked extent" (according to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary)?

Man, I'm rambling. Blogs are dangerous fodder for ramblers.

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